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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dua Insan yg Sentimental

i'm reading this comic "semerah simpulan cinta" by Nakamura Sayumi..
one of my fav story on this comic is Dua Insan yang Sentimental..
super duper cute laa..i know it was comic so called as cerita dongeng
but damn cute la bila;

Chiko(girl)-> Chiko nose will bleeding when she's damn nervous.
Shinnosuke(boy)-> Shinnosuke will cry when he's terharu like hell.

see..comel apa..Chiko doesn't happy when others know her weaknesses( bleeding nose).so dia akn sembunyi..
one day kantoi yg Chiko yg berdarah hidung bila malu or nervous and Shinnosuke akn menangis bila teharu..
like "eh i know ur weaknesses n u too"..maka mereka jd baik.
last2 sekali hehehhe pls read by your own k...
but i swear...sumpah cute cerita ni..hehe :)

p/s: kenapa perlu ada test time org dh nk cuti raya ni?? jhtnya mereka.. huhuhu

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