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Sunday, August 08, 2010

dont trust me...

i do have a problem when it's become "lets make decision" time..
for eg;what i'm gonna to eat,buy,wear and do..hahah mslh betul..
i found my self always DO something out-of-the-blue from my 'wish-lists'
  • lunch-'ari ni nk mkn soto or fries n nugget' and end up aku order NASI AYAM GORENG..
  • jam-'org nk beli jam kulit laa mak' and end up beli jam STELL..
  • jam-'cantik jam swatch ni(dh belek mcm2 jenis jam kt kedai swatch)' and end up beli CASIO..
  • heels-'black or brown?' and end up beli GOLD...
i just remember this four things for this moment...actually byk lagi yg aku buat will be end up dgn benda yg jauh menyimpng...tgk tang mkn tu je..otak duk fikir nk mkn nugget or soto..tup tup p order nasi goreng ayam...apakah...jauh gila dari apa yg aku duk fikir..hahaha
what to do..dis is me..cannot make the correct decision even for the small thing like "what i'm gonna to eat??"..
but there's a few things dat i'll turn into STUBBORN gila!!when i said white it MUST be white..

i THINK...the main problem is I AM TOO CHOOSY AND FUSSY...
betul laa tue...if i am simple person;tak da prob pn nk mkn apa,nk pakai bju warna apa, nk minum apa...hahaha
mungkin perlu berubah demi kebaikkan pikah...YOU SHOULD!!!

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