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Sunday, August 29, 2010

That person

listen to OST Baker King Kim Tak Gu

that person who made me smile
that person who made me cry
that person with warm lips
that person has found my heart
i can't erase that person i can't forget that person
that person is like my breath
that person is leaving.that love
my hurting heart
that person who doesn't know anything
i loved you and i love you again
i've no choice but to let u go my person
although my heart is in pieces
although those memories stab me
the falling tears of that person
it hurts me even more
that person who doesn't know anything
instead of tears,instead of sadness
forget me and live happily my love
when our lives end
and when we close our eyes
remember that once
i loved you and i loved you again..

see..those sadness face of Kim Tak Gu

-: sedih kan kan kan tgk muka dia??lirik lagu tu pn sedih..apakah aku bersedih di mlm hari :P

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