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Friday, August 27, 2010

Student's Abusing

ceh..title gila macam kena derakan :p
i felt be abusing indirectly..
let me tell u why this indirectly-abusing come across on my mind..

Before students can go home for their mid-term break;
1)2 weeks before that, all test n quiz will come together.
2) during this time laaa..all lecturer will give u asgt.
3)its not enough for them to give us asgt,test n quiz...dia suruh buat presentation plak..

can you see here before we can get our peaceful mid-term break..
all of our lecturer seakan-akan buat pakatan mari-kita-kasi-depa-kerja-yg-byk!!

During mid-term break ofcoz laaa students mau enjoy puas2 kn..
1) bangunan tido dgn lambtnya (especially for those yg everyday claz kul 8.30 pg)..
2) duk layan segala movie&series yg ada dlm laptop or external..
3) hang out tanpa rasa penat dgn kwn2
4) baca segala atuk nenek novel yg tak sempt nk baca time hari ada class
5) bersuka suki bersama keluarga tercinta..
6) and if cuti time raya mestilaaaaaaaa nak beraya sakan even tak laaa sakan sgt pn..

see..ada ke antara to-do-list tu mentioned psl

tak ada kan??
and for the real situation...
we as a student harus menyelitkn sedikit masa utk buat asgt time cuti...
apakah??? cuti pn kena buat kerja...

After mid-term break;

once again, test+quiz+asgt+presentation will come together w'out feel boring..
trust me...trend ni akan terjadi every semester..
cubalah anda duduk2 dan renung2kn..

hehe..ok..i'll continue my reading coz this evening ada test..
Project Management.saya harus gigih kerana paper ni adalah paper 4 credit hours.. :)

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