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Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Time

mode; separa-sedih (ada ke mode mcm ni??)

Baker King,Kim Tak Gu...
i've finished watching this kdrama until eps 18..
coz there's no subtitle for eps 19..harunyaaaaaaaaaa!!
huwaaaaaaa...why haaa this drama so so so sad???
and i cried for Kim Tak Gu..cis buat malu je tgk drama nangis2 haha :P
oh yes..before terlupa..i'm gonna tell u this;
this is the first time for me to detest 2nd hero of kdrama..
b4 this i'm always saying that 2nd hero of kdrama is cool and sympathy and so on..
normally, i'll said this for 2nd hero;

1)how pity of youuuu...
2)actually he's gentleness (especially when this man do something bad but not on purpose)
3)eh...he's cute, sweet n cool rather than 1st hero..
4)he will do anything to ensure that girl happy (if u happy,it is enough for me even i need let u go)..

Unfortunately, 2nd hero for Baker King,Kim Tak Gu is not deserve for that 'saying'(for me)..
Gu Ma Jun, i hate this character damnnn much..
i dont know why.but every time i saw his face i just couldn't think "this guy actually pretty cool by doing so"..
Ok..bukn tak ada rasa kesin kat dia..but he's not deserve for that feeling..
trust me..maybe others will said "kesian laaa kat dia tu" but not for me till this moment..
maybe i should watching that drama till the end and i'll decide whether he's deserve or not??heheh
From the 1st eps until 18.. what i can say is "i dont like Ma Jun and serve ur right"
wahhh...gila kejam kan aku..but who cares..hehe
Cannot put all the blame on Ma Jun( for what he's done to Kim Tak Gu)..
the way he is bring up make him be like that( full with anger,cold and revenge)..
mungkin Mak n Ayah dia boleh di persalahkn..or maybe nenek dia sekali..haahahhaa

This is the list of K-drama where i think 2nd hero character is more cool and sweet.. :)
  • Personal Taste - Han Chang Ryul
  • Brilliant Legacy - Park Joon Se
  • Autumn in My Heart - Han Tae Suhk
  • Winter Sonata - Kim Sang Hyuk
  • Full House - Kim Sung Soo
  • Wonderful Life - Min Do Hyun
ini jek yg aku termampu nk igt sebb dah byk sgt tgk cerita korea ni...hehehe

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