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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Nashrin - Percaya Pada Luka

ohhh my..lagu ni best and i like the last part of this MV
BUTTTTTTTTTTTT i dislike org yg jd doktor dlm MV ni...

p/s;ni entry lama yg ada dlm draft..gila malas nk tulis!
p/s p/s;mcm dah TERmungkir janji sendiri yang konon-konon-nk-update-blog-setiap-hari!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

As the promise I made..

Title title: THE MOST

okay...i made the promise on my twitter which I WILL UPDATE MY BLOG here i am..
actually i've no idea what i'm gonna talk about on my blog but when i read some people's blog they love to wrote something which called "the things that i love"...
there's a lot of things that people love to write on their blog such; the meaning of photos they took, daily routines, love letter, poem etc etc etc....
I do learned something from that observation soooooo i'm gonna write about THINGS THAT I LOVE rite now.
For this moment i'm really crazy about doesn't mean i didn't like k-pop before but i've no time to get involved in k-pop things during my study times..

Lets begin the K-POP things ok >,<
I'll talk about the girls group that I put my eyes on them :)
Girl's Generation, Kara, f(x), 2ne1, T-ara, BEG, 4minutes, After School, Wonder Girl and many more but THE MOST i love/like among this is Girl's Generation, T-ara and Kara.
THE MOST i love/like among this top 3 is Girl's Generation followed by Kara and T-ara :)
plsssss don't bashing me if ur fav group is not on my top 3 list ;)
In this top 3 i do have THE MOST member that i love/like..lets see whoooooooooooooooo..


She's my THE MOST i love/like among 9 girl in Girl's Generation (SNSD)
yeah..she's my top bias kekeke
She become my top bias when i'm watching Family Outing 2 and the rumors she was in r'ship with Taecyeon make i do like her more and moreeeee..hehehe
 Yoona the image of SNSD..u can see how flawless she is rite?
what make Yoona is more popular other than the rest of SNSD is her innocent face.
If u watch more variety show of SNSD u'll see the real Yoona.
Choding, Alligator Yoong, Him-Yoona (she's physically strong)
She like to pout and do silly things that will destroy her pretty-ness *DORKY. Yoona*
There's a lot of idol who said Yoona as they ideal type such as LSG, Nickhun, Taec, JoKwon, Rain, Onew and many more but she's very humble.
she's lucky coz born with the pretty face and be one of SNSD member..
i dont know why anti-fans didn't like her and always looking for the weaknesses of her.damn u anti-fans!
i'm happy when she got many solo part on their new song-the boys and she's good rappers just like Taec..haha
i think her personality make people can easily falling in love with her no matter we are girls or boys.
"she's event prettier without makeup, although she's pretty, she doesn't pretend to be pretty"-Heechul


Nicole Jungggggggggggggggggggg...she's THE MOST i love/like among 5 Kara's members.
Why why why i do love/like her? it is because she TOTALLY BLUR kekeke
Nicole the one of Kara members who living at LA and turn back to Korea to become an idol so she's lacking of communication which mean she's NOT GOOD in Korean language.NICOLE the 4D hahaha
The first time i saw her on Star Golden Bell where i found she's DAMN CUTE :)
the more i watch her on variety show the more i love her.. yeahh i'm gay hakhakhak just kidding
when i'm wacthing SBS Heroes (korea variety show) Nicole always attract my eyes on her and she become the reason why i love watching Heroes :)
some people said Nicole is too quite and get less airing time on Heroes but for me she is the best.
Nicole was damn lucky even she's get the less voted for the beginning of every episode and not always but most of the time she in UNPOPULAR team (u'll know what i mean if u watch Heroes).
the reason why i said she' lucky is she become the one who always get the voted after 2days of Heroes recording which mean she in top 6. please watch heroes and later u'll understand what i'm talking about.
Did i told u Nicole was lacking in understading Korean language? 
Yes she is but she can talk SOOOO FAST when it come to foods!
hahahahah she's super duper cute :D


Jiyeon Jiyeon Jiyeon...she's THE MOST i love/like among T-ara members..
when i'm realize that Jiyeon is my top bias among T-ara member? I think during WooJung Couple on WGM where Jiyeon came to Eunjung's house for housewarming.
From that i start realized the existing of Jiyeon on T-ara and k-pop world hahaha..
ok..same like Nicole, Jiyeon one of 12 members on Heroes. she's consistent on the POPULAR TEAM but not so lucky as Nicole when become to the last day voting, from popular team she go to UNPOPULAR TEAM but still she's my second bias on Heroes :)
The cute things about Jiyeon is her childish style where she like to act like dinosaur when she mad or something..sooooooo cute okay!
she's pretty  even she younger and put no makeup. no doubt about it.
what else i want to talk about Jiyeon? lack of ideas because i didn't watch a lot of T-ara variety show yet.
maybe after i'm watching that i'll have another point why i love/like Jiyeon..

okay enough for today...and haaaa before i forget ONE thing that make all this 3 girl are same is THEY ARE SHIKSHIN...hehehe 

a/n;Shikshin is god of foods which mean someone who love to eat :)

p/s; panjang gilaaa aku tuliskn?and as usual if u don't like it DON'T READ..

p/ss; Merong.biong biong >,< 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

i'll be back...

hye here hye there hye everywhere..
its been looooooooooooooong time i didn't update my blog rite??
hehehe i'm too busy with unnecessarie things till forgot i've blog..haha u can count this as LAME EXCUSES laaa.
okay..actually i'm waiting for 18 November to update my blog coz my last entry on 18 April..
lets count how months i've been neglect my blog *run towards calculator*hahaha
but saya rajin sangaaaaat hari ni.maka blog ini akhirnya TERupdate juaaa..
see u tomorrow..