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Monday, August 30, 2010

Such a lacking man!

"Yu Kyung, i'm sorry i'm such a lacking man to you. I have so much i want to do for you,but i'm still very lacking. But my heart is full of you, more than everyone in the world. So life maybe tough and hard and sometimes, it might be suffocatingly too much to handle, but i'm here. So trust me and bear it a little more." - Kim Tak Gu

auwwwwwwww..dang cute n sweet laa Kim Tak Gu ni.saya mahu bf yg mcm ni boleh tak? :)
maybe i've mentioned hundred times yg Kim Tak Gu ni comel..peduli apa aku.haha
i really mean it..dia cute.dia cute.dia cute dan dia cute lg :p
and if this guy made amendment on the name of the girl like; Yu Kyung->Pikah :))
for sure sy akn buat lompat bintang..hahaha
apakah.terberangan plak kn..shooooh main jauh2 sana..

p/s:oh plsssssss...i want this guy..give it to me pls pls pls pls..

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