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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YES..i am addicted :)

mode: love melody come from piano..

i was addicted to the instrumental melody especially piano..
damn much to say ek...
okey..maybe(for me) that melodies sound nice and peaceful :)
ceh..seems like aku jiwng gila kn?? but who caressss... :p

did i tell u about this mata-sepet-berbaju-purple guy???
not yet rite..hmmm hmmm (betulkan tekak)
i met this guy (terserempak actually) at bazaar ramadhan..
auwwwww....mata dia sepet laaa...tipi cowok gue ni. hahaha (mode gatal terlebih)
what make this guy become soooo interested????
'double-looking' from him..hahaha
see..before this when i'm walking sambil berfikir2 nk beli makanan apa..
i never noticed about other person UNLESS someone called my name or say hye..
dan baru laaa saya ni teperasankn org lain..hehe :)
but about this mata-sepet-berbaju-purple guy ni..
sayalah yg tgk dia..haha out of sudden my eyes TERPANDANG..
sebb tgh tunggu my housemates habis bershopping
so called as tgh berangan while waiting..
maka mata saya pun ter-capture laaa muka mamat ni..
and others is history....hahahahaha comel laaa...
apakah...siapakah yg awk ckp comel wahai cik pikah??

and oh...cant wait for hari raya break..
masa sila laaa berlalu dgn cepat..sebb cik pikah ni TAK SABAR nak balik cuti raya :p

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