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Monday, August 09, 2010

Book Worm Oh Book Worm..

yes...lately ni semangat BOOK WORM sgt menjadi-jadi...
trust me..i already finished read blog yg entry dia more than 900..
percayalah percayalah..tak tipu ni :)
and semlm dah khatamkan novel simply the best..(arini duk pinjm novel baru THE SECRET)
okey..sumpah best novel nie(xkesah if korang kata TAK BEST)..hahaha
how the sweet guy(mack) try to be a good fren for his bestfriend(alex)..
this novel remind me about the other novel UNTUK AWAK TEJA AULIA..
concept yg sama tang;Adil suka kt Aulia(kwn baik dia since hingusan lg) tp takut nk ckp just because Adil rasa dia will ruin everything to the worse-case-scenario if dia bg tahu kat Aulia yg he was in love with her!!! same goes to Mack..he was afraid the relationship will affected by saying 'I love U' to Alex..
itu ja yg sama...yg lain tak...hehe but seriously both novel BESSSSTTTTTTTTTTT....
sila laa baca if nak tahu for the real both cerita ni best ke tidak..

from my reading;
-Is not easy to say I LOVE U at ur bestfriend(opposite sex) me..
-u'll do EVERYTHING n ANYTHING to make sure ur bestfriend happy and smile..even that things killing u softly(like Mack n Adil did)...

can you see how sweet that story(UATA n STB)??
sweeeeettttttt tawwwwuuuu...hahaha

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