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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I dont know

mode:bad n sad..

got msg from my cousin where we are talking about someone that we care n love sooo much..
after i read that msg i couldn't think properly..
i don't know what should i do. i've no idea..i'm getting blur..
what i know is crying like a hell..
Ya ALLAH give me some strength.
really really don't know what to do..
someone is the most important person in my life..
someone who are patience enough to teach about life...
someone who can scarifies anything for me..
someone who are everything for me..
someone who are i can't live without..
someone that i can depends on..
someone that i called MAK...

semoga mak cepat sembuh dan pnjng umur.
mak kena tgk org n adik berjaya..
mak kena tgk org dpt kerja apa..
mak kena tgk org kahwin ngan siapa..
mak kena tgk bakal cucu2 mak..
mak kena tgk segala apa yg org nk tunjuk dekat mak..

"harap mak dpt bertahan!! org syg kan mak lebih dari nyawa org sendiri..
mak jom la kita g hospital..sama2 cek apa yg ptut."

gosh..i only can wrote this on my blog..
i felt like useless daughter when i cant voice it out to my mum..
i've no strenght..i'm afraid..
i cant see tears on my mum eyes..
what should i do??
what happened to me??
what are the function as the 1st daughter??

what i know is..i'm crying crying and crying..

ur useless daughter :(

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