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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blushing tahap overdose :P

Mode:tgh tunggu kuih tart di masak..lama GILAAAAA

back to my title yar.why why why i'm blushing tahap overdose??
this is because of someone :)
what happened?? i dont know actually but serious dowh.. aku malu di sini..
dah laaa pakai baju sama warna kan kan kan..
but then how i'm successful pretending like nothing happen??
gila hebat juga aku belakon..hahaha perasan kan ?? whooo caresss! :p
goshhhhhhhh..lama gila aku tak jumpa dia..
almost 6 years kot.lama kan?
and now i felt like having a secret affair tahu!!hahahaha
what if someone we both know saw us yesterday??
confirm mesti akan ada gossip..uishhh sgt bahaya ni..

i found something from that so called secret affair meeting;
- my love story yg dulu menjadi penghalang
- sooo limited
- he's afraid of being the man after

okey,u may not understand what i'm talking about..that's good :) hahaha
and cik pikah juga menjumpai reason kenapa dia masih single laaaa ni!!
hahaha story mori later naaa..cik pikah dah tak larat nk menaip..
morning all :)

p/s: if u asking me whether i like him or not? i've no answer rite now :)

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