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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

my point of view..



u can say what ever u want which mean "yes,she is jiwang at all"..
i dont give a damn.
just because i do love lyrics they considered me as jiwang.
how about novelist who are wrote about LOVE STORY??
are they JIWANG too??
oh c'mon try look from different perspective and u may found something else..
i give one example: The Last Song Movie..
that movie is not tell u about love between hero n heroin...
u will found the love between family. how father love his daughter!!
see...what ever u saw is not same with what ever u think!

that's my point of view..
ok. maybe a fews of my entry sounds like JIWANG..
but i'm not the one who are wrote that for real.
i'm just copy paste from others where i do like what ever they wrote and said..
if that can be consider as JIWANG..up to you then peeps :)


Ahmad Firdaus @ Yau said...

ala...afikah ali macam marah je..jangan la just for fun la dear..ngee

jangan marah tau..


Cik Pikah said...

sat..aku mmg marah..
tp sekejap jek..
hang jgn risau laaa..
heheheheh aku dah tak marah dah :)
chill ok..