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Sunday, October 10, 2010

my bad..

i was good and excellent in WASTING TIME....
u know.i can sit in front of my lappy for many hours...
it's ok IF i finish up all my asgt.
but then i'm just sitting there for NOTHING.
FB-ing,Blog-ing,Tweet-ing and Game-ing. useless i am!!! PIKAH WAKE UP plsssssssssss..
and when the time comes i will transform to MINAH GELABAH!!
haha teruknyaaaaaaaaaaa aku ni.
i should change for good! yeah, u should Pikah!! u shouldddd!

i am freaking nerves!!!
because tomorrow till Friday i'll be BUSY person in this world *budget*..
its remind me how was my life become miserable for the last semester.(masa part 4).
in one day i've 3 major presentation and 1 test.
my claz start from 8.30 a.m and end on 10.30 it crazy??
but this is the true story ok!!
gigih laa aku time ni. rupa tak yah laa ckp. MESSY TAHAP OVERDOSE.
the last presentation on that's day is the damn nerves for me.
why i'm sooo nerves??
1)my lect is too fussy.
2)this is individual presentation
3)my lect expectation is high " save the best for the last"

amik kau.tergagau aku..
hahah but alhamdulillah.i made it up. dipuji even little bit messy..
almaklum laaa diri ini dah tersedia messy!heheh :P

ok.should move now. ada asgt yg sedia menanti mintak di layan.

p/s:cant wait nk cuti dis coming friday. masa cepat laa berlalu ye?? :)

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