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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Malay guy with Chinese look...

okey...i just want to tell u, this guy(malay guy with chinese look) is totally my 'type' :P
but i've some problem which is I"M TOO laa xkn perigi nk cari timba kot...sgt tak patut..

haha..apakah..i JUST like to see his face(itu pn sebab dia chinese look)...not more than that..
i know my self very well!! :) soo i just like as in suka tg
k jaa...

tp kn tp kn..everytime aku g DP walk (dah 3 kali aku jumpa) tu mesti aku nk p tgk dia..kahkah...gtl..
alah...tgk jerk pn...bukn luak kn..hahaha

okey...stop talking about that guy laaa...nk cerita psl ECLIPSE nie..
i just want to say that movie totally AWESOME hokey!!!hahaha..
but i haaatttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jacob's soooo much...
just b'coz dia suka paksa-paksa Bella's..benci!!!

p/s: malay guy with chinese hanya suka tgk awk ja..sebb muka awk mcm if awk pn suka tgk sy...lg sy suka!!!hahah that's all...and pict tu bukn bdk yg aku suka tgk...dia cozen aku;Ebal pinjm sat pict naa..coz muka ko mcm chinese look..hahah and aku xske ebal okey!!!dia cozen aku...

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