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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ingin 'Melukis'

felt like i WANT to 'illustrate' something..
something dat i called as something's something!!
as in movement of my hands...
hahaha..sound serious dowh!!!apakah :)
currently reading 'Untuk Awak Teja Aulia'(ain't finish yet)
what i get from my falling away(not in love yar)!!..adey..
since when me myself become as Novel's Analyst ni??hahaha..

owh almost forget...
yesterday (6th of July)= 2nd day for new semester!!
i've 3 classes which is MALAYSIAN ECONOMY(tuto n lect) and MANAGEMENT of CHANGE(think to change this paper)!!
eeeuuuuwww...bosannyaaa cerita psl claz nie..n my time table was totally huh!!!morning claz.. 4 out of 5..apakah itu...gila dengki dekt aku yg mls nk bgun pg kn...
n for my i need to find my supervisor by my own??bukn uitm provide the list ka??? sigh sigh dan sigh lg(i know sigh is not GOOD at all)!!! :)

wokey!!mau smbung bca UATA.. :) aku sebenarnya tak tahu nk tulis apa..saja tergedik-gedik.. :))

p/s:tiada pesanan ringkas ari ini..kerana tiada hati utk "memesan"...

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