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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Nice try Pikaaaaaaaaaa!

hahaha...sila abaikan pict itu..xde kena mengena pun dgn title..
anw nice try to me coz berjaya mengawal nafsu mkn plus berjaya mengeluarkan peluh (gigih main badminton)..
hope my target to lose some weight can be achive..
By the way IS IT TRUE SOSHI will come to Malaysia on this coming january??????
if YES i definitely WANT TO GO *if yes,xmng ticket concert snsd kt s'pore pun xpe*..
but so far i didn't heard any news that soshi will come to meet M'sia sone it rumour or wat?
kenapa xde org gigih nk jual ticket pun?kenapa xde kecoh2 pun soshi nk dtg??
and haaaaa if they really come to M'sia next year (on January) no new bb for me tho..
will spend money for others thing..huhuhuhu

p/s;kenapakah sy rajin update blog sekrg ni??

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