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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 1

mode:tired,penat,capek dan seangkatan dgnyaaaaa :(

today is my first day of practical training...
just because i'm too nervous so i couldn't sleep well (sumpah aku bgun awl like 5.50 am dah bangun)
ok..actually i'm too tired to type all this thing tp gigih juga nak pendekkan cerita;

8-9 pg: i'm waiting for officer to register (diaorg lambat),kicked me from unit politic to administration and then to media and communications department..ok mcm bola dah aku ni..

9-11.30 pg: seriously aku jd TUGU NEGARA kt office and the worse is office blackout!soo damn.

11.30pg: meet with BigBoss, he asked me wat administrative science all about and bla bla bla.. but for sure he said nothing much i can do if i've been assign under admin(for MEDKOM)..

12 pm: meet with senior officer for research MEDKOM,she briefly explain what is their major scope and bla bla bla bla..haaa i was tagging with SU(one of younger officer at MEDKOM)..i'm glad cause SU ni baik dan ramah orangnya..ok maybe sebab nature dia Public Relation kot..hehe

12.30 pm: okkkkkkk,here i goooooo..Su teach me what is monitor paper all about,how to do choose the article from news paper,compile article and some stuff...

that's all for my first day in office...
i'm being quiet all the time, they asked and i answered..
huwaaaa...actually i'm afraid..
afraid of being rude(w'out i'm realizing),make a mistakes and so on..

haaaaa..i do have a problem in term of memorizing people's name..
so td duk gigih hafal nama kakak2 kt office tu..(hafal dlm hati)

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