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she's BLUR..she's SLEEPY..she's ERRATIC..she's SARCASTIC..she loved NICE FINGERS..she loved to be BOOK WORM..she loved SEPET EYES..she addicted to MIRROR..she addicted to NON-MALAY MOVIE.. she addicted to TAGALOG..she ANTI TAUGE TEGAR :) yeah she is what she is..if YOU dont like..what she can say;"like i care?"..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

save your last dance for me...

one day in my life one person..
one love approached me like a car accident.. i really loved him..
one day he disappear and returns back..
what if he can't recognized you???
a girl who was pain b'coz of the forgotten love..
a guy who feel a new love in an unfamiliar girl, who always looking at him with a familiar ways...
there love started again but..
but there destiny will break infront of them...

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